Expand Your Wine Palette And Visit These Local Wineries

Shelby Winery

When it comes to wine, do you drink the same thing every time? Maybe pinot noir is your go-to, or you always find yourself enjoying a glass of sauvignon blanc. Those are both excellent choices, but there is so much more out there. Do some exploring at a local winery near Shelby.

Southern Charm Winery

With 24 varietals, it’s easy to expand your palette at Southern Charm Winery. It hosts wine tastings on Tuesdays through Saturdays, and you’ll likely love every single one. You choose six wines to taste, and the winemaker’s wife will explain each one to you. It’s clear that winemaking is a labor of love for the vintner and his wife, and that’s why this place has such incredible choices.

WoodMill Winery

WoodMill Winery’s tagline is “A Winery with Heart,” and it lives up to that phrase. The owner is very involved with the day-to-day operations and might even stop by for a chat while you sit on the large porch sipping your wine. Speaking of the wines, the muscadine has the perfect amount of sweetness and goes great with dessert. If you prefer your dessert in the wine, you can’t beat the apple wine. It hits all the right fruity notes, and you’ll probably end up buying a bottle to take home.

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery has an interesting history. The land has been in the Baker family for more than a century, but it wasn’t until 2003 that the property owners decided to turn it into a winery. The owners planted the grapes, and the first harvest was so successful that they expanded the operations.

The vineyard offers eight varietals, including some you won’t find at other places, such as red muscadine and scuppernong. It also has gorgeous views and some of the friendliest owners you’ll ever meet. They often greet patrons at the front door, and they’ve been known to take people on impromptu winery tours.

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Russian Chapel Hills Winery

Russian Chapel Hills Winery checks all the boxes when it comes to a great winery. Uses its own grapes, ensuring the highest quality? Check. Great options, such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot? Check. Gorgeous views from the patio where you can sip wine? You guessed it. Check.

It’s about more than the wine, though. It’s also about the experience. You’ll want to explore the grounds, including the chapel. If you come during a slow time, you can even get a personal tour of the grounds on a golf cart.

You’ll expand your wine palette at these wineries. Next, it’ll be time to expand your knowledge of vehicles. There is so much more out there, so visit Renaldo Kia in Shelby, North Carolina, to see some new models. Just like wine, great vehicles are meant to be enjoyed, so see your options today.