Check Out Gaffney’s World-Famous Peachoid


If you’ve ever seen “House of Cards,” you’ve probably seen Gaffney’s world-famous Peachoid. This 135-foot water tower is shaped like a peach, and it’s one of South Carolina’s most memorable landmarks. Not only does it provide water to the surrounding area, but it also brings in countless visitors each year who love taking pictures of the landmark. If you’ve never seen the Peachoid before, now is your chance. You just have to get in your car and head on over. When you do, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to take some pictures.

Now, take some time to learn more about the peachoid, and get some tips on how to make your trip there even more exciting.

South Carolina and Peaches

You may know that Georgia is referred to as the Peach State, but South Carolina has actually produced even more peaches than Georgia in recent years. The area’s rich soil and specific weather patterns make it the perfect place for growing this sweet and juicy fruit. Because of that, the town wanted to honor the peach. After all, farmers in the area have been planting this fruit for a long time. Therefore, the town decided to commemorate their appreciation for the fruit.

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Bring a Camera

You definitely want to see the Peachoid, but if you don’t have proof that you were there, what’s the point? That’s why you need to bring a camera along with you. The camera on your phone should be fine for capturing the best possible shot. Want to take a really good picture? Lean in like you’re about to bite the peach. That’ll definitely be something you want to share on social media.

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