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Don’t Miss The Annual Winter Beer Fest At Steele Creek

Winter Beer Fest
Remember how great things were back in the summer? Not only was it warm, but you got to go to beer festivals all the time. Well, you may not be able to go outside in shorts, but you can have some of the fun of summer when you head to... [read more]

Expand Your Wine Palette And Visit These Local Wineries

Shelby Winery
When it comes to wine, do you drink the same thing every time? Maybe pinot noir is your go-to, or you always find yourself enjoying a glass of sauvignon blanc. Those are both excellent choices, but there is so much more out there. Do some exploring at a local winery... [read more]

Turn Up the Fire and Check Out These 25 Best Chili Recipes

Chili Recipe
Does it seem like everyone has a chili recipe except you? You just can’t seem to find that perfect one. Fortunately, the team at Martha Stewart Living has done the hard work for you. They’ve curated a list of their favorite chili recipes. Get the details, and get to cooking. 1.     ... [read more]

Bring A Sweet Treat From These Local Bakeries To Your Holiday Parties

Local Bakery
The holidays aren’t just about family time. The holiday season tends to be full of parties. You’ll meet with coworkers and friends all season long, and you’ll be expected to bring something along with you. Go all out this year by bringing sweet treats from a local bakery. Uptown Sweets and... [read more]

Find The Best Burger In Town

You are on a mission to find the very best burger in the Shelby area, and you won’t rest until you find the winner. You’ve gone from one restaurant to the next, and none have quite lived up to the hype. Well, get ready to rest because these places have... [read more]

Get One Last Round Of Golf In At Deer Brook Golf Club

Deer Brook Golf Club
With the weather starting to get cooler and cooler, there are only a few opportunities left to get out on the golf course. If you are thinking about scheduling a few more rounds of golf, do it at Deer Brook Golf Club. This golf club is a golfer’s paradise. You can... [read more]

Check Out These Happy Hour Stops Near Shelby

Happy Hour
The best way to relax after a long day at work is with a stop at happy hour with your friends or co-workers. Shelby and the surrounding area have no shortage of delicious bars, breweries, and other places to enjoy happy hour. Some even have a great snack or dinner... [read more]

Shelby, NC, Loves Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken
Whether you want to go out to eat or bring some food in, Shelby, North Carolina, is home to a long list of fried chicken restaurants. With several within the town’s limits and even more just a short drive away, your options for fried chicken are limitless. Stick to your... [read more]